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31 January 2010 New Article: Recharte Uscamaita, M. and Bodmer, R. (2009). Recovery of the Endangered giant otter Pteronura brasiliensis on the Yavarí-Mirín and Yavarí Rivers: a success story for CITES. Oryx, 44 (1): 8388.
Giant Otter looks up from among the water hyacinths.  Copyright Nicole Duplaix
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Giant Otter Bibliography

Assembled by Nicole Duplaix, Jessica Groenendijk, Christof Schenck, Elke Staib and Sheila Sykes-Gatz

Some of the articles are available for download as PDF files, or are links to other websites.

NOTE: This list of references is not meant to be exhaustive or complete but to be a working tool for persons who are interested in Giant otters but who do not have access to a large university library. We welcome any additions or corrections:

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