Last Update: 2 July, 2014
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Giant Otter Bibliography
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Latest article added: Recharte Uscamaita, M. and Bodmer, R. (2009). Recovery of the Endangered giant otter Pteronura brasiliensis on the Yavarí-Mirín and Yavarí Rivers: a success story for CITES. Oryx, 44 (1): 8388

About Giant Otters

Giant river otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) remain endangered throughout their range. Recently, thanks to increased research and coordination efforts, our knowledge of this species in the wild and in captivity has improved remarkably since it was first studied in 1976.


This website was created in 2004 to assemble as much data as possible in a downloadable format (See Bibliography) so that students and researchers without access to large libraries could have access to the most important articles on Giant otters. The Giant Otter Bibliography is updated regularly with new titles as they appear.

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Giant Otter eating a fishThe Bibliography lists all published material about Giant Otters, with links to download many of the items, and the ability to search for specific areas of interest

Nicole Duplaix photographing a giant otter

Resumés of Giant Otter researchers

Giant Otter displaying unique throat markings

Photos of Giant Otters by Nicole Duplaix